Online Giving

At Ravenswood Evangelical Covenant Church, we believe that an important part of discipleship is being good stewards who intentionally give our time, talent, treasure and touch back to God, the gracious Giver of all good things. One element of good stewardship that is an important part of our worship Sunday morning is giving a portion of our financial treasures back to God. While the physical act of giving during our time of offering is important, we recognize that there are other ways people may find it easier to support the work of our church, and we therefore now offer the option of online giving.

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Thank you in advance for your stewardship and for participating in the ministry of Ravenswood Evangelical Covenant Church.

"With what can we compare the kingdom of God, or what parable will we use for it? It is like a mustard seed, which, when sown upon the ground, is the smallest of all the seeds on earth; yet when it is sown it grows up and becomes the greatest of all shrubs, and puts forth large branches, so that the birds of the air can make nests in its shade." (Mark 4:30-32 NRS)